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  • Optimal Health Achieved through Strategic Exercise + Simple & Effective Nutrition + Mindset Tools based in Science + Hormone Regulation & Natural Appetite Control Techniques + Awareness of Genetic Impact on Body Type, Weight, Mood, Eating Behavior.
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We Need Science-Based Change...

There is an overwhelming amount of health information right at our fingertips- much of which is misleading. As doctors, we beat ourselves up for not knowing “the truth.” We “should” know exactly what to do, we tell ourselves.

Let’s take nutrition for example, there is so much contrasting information that it leaves us skeptical and confused.

Today we may read that red meat is “bad” and that we should only eat plants. And, within the course of the day, we may be offered the idea that if we aren’t eating mostly steak and butter, then we are surely wreaking havoc on our health.

Then between the supplement recommendations and how to properly time our meals, simple things continue to get over complicated, and we get discouraged.

The best way to help people to not get results? Confuse them. Overwhelm them. And continue to support their all-or-none thinking. The diet industry does a great job at all 3.

Then let’s review the exercise advice. I have heard many experts tell their followers to:

  • Avoid exercise when they are trying to “lose weight.” 
  • Only perform certain types of exercise at certain times of the month.
  • Exercise while in a fasted state, no wait…don’t exercise in a fasted state.
  • To avoid bulky muscles, be careful with your squats and practice on your ballet barre instead.

And let’s not forget the “clear as mud” strategy for returning to exercise following pregnancy. I had no idea the amount of pelvic floor work I would need to return to baseline.

And, many of us are even afraid to start a solid exercise routine because we think it's too late, or it hurts when we move, or we are worried about looking silly or even injuring ourselves.

We Can Do Better For You.


What about the part of our health that we often ignore? I’m talking about our mental health.

We are very good about noticing when we don’t feel well physically, but it’s not that often that we give ourselves a break when we don’t feel well mentally or emotionally. We don’t talk about it because up until more recently it hasn’t been encouraged, and the stigma prevents many of us from seeking support when we need it.

For now, let me say this…the way we think is going to be the most important component to achieving better health. Before we can adopt a nutrition and exercise plan, we must develop our mindset framework if we want any health results to last.

Our brains try to create support for the limiting beliefs that we have created years ago.  And, if we don’t have the proper tools to identify and overcome these beliefs, then we can expect our results to clearly reflect what we are telling ourselves.

For example, if you believe that you don’t have the time to exercise, then you may feel frustrated.  If you are frustrated, then you will likely take actions that reflect your frustration.  You will not take actions to create time in your schedule.  So, you will prove to yourself that you indeed do not have any time.

We have to create thoughts that will reflect the result that we want.  This is how we use cognitive coaching to create healthier habits.

Meet Your Transform® Success Team!

Ali Novitsky, MD

Ali Novitsky, MD is the CEO and founder of Life Coaching for Women Physicians. She is Triple board certified in Obesity Medicine, Pediatrics, and Neonatology. She is a Certified Master Physician Coach,  Nutrition and Fitness Expert, and International Speaker. Ali attended Temple University School of Medicine and completed her Pediatric residency and Neonatal Fellowship at Thomas Jefferson/AI duPont Hospital for Children. She completed her coach training at The Life Coach School and The Mind Firm Method. Ali helps women physicians achieve optimal health by optimizing their unique potential with simple strategies, backed by science.

Kristi Angevine, MD

is a board certified Ob/Gyn and master certified life coach. She specializes in helping high achieving women change unhelpful habits into intentional ones. Whether it’s perfectionism, overthinking, people pleasing, feeling chronically preoccupied with a running mental to-do list, or always feeling like there is something to fix, she helps them unpack the root causes of their habits. She has a natural warmth that helps all of her clients feel at ease and have fun while they work on their mindset. In addition to master coach certification through The Life Coach School, she is also Internal Family Systems-informed and an Advanced Certified Deep Dive Coach.

Jennifer Markoff

I am a mother, teacher, certified Life Coach and co-founder of The Coach Firm. Many moons ago I graduated from Brigham Young University in English and Secondary Education. I taught high school in the DC metro area for three years before deciding to focus on building our family business, Camp Calleva. For three decades we have worked to foster individual worth and confidence in kids and teens of all ages through outdoor education and experiences. In 2018, I certified as a Life Coach from the Life Coach School and have been going strong ever since. I am a people person and teacher at heart so coaching feels like second nature to me. I have a special affinity for coaching on relationships, self- confidence and deep-dive emotions work.  In January 2021, I merged my passion for education and coaching by co-founding, The Coach Firm, where we specialize in certifying both new and seasoned life coaches in our signature program, The Mind Firm Method.  This new venture has proved to be the best of both worlds and I absolutely love what I do. Most importantly, I am happily married to Nick and mom to Nicholas 25, Natalie 22, Mitchell 20 and Camille 17.  They have been my true “life’s work” and are what bring me the gratitude, joy and satisfaction I strive to feel each day.

What about Hormones, Genetics, Stress, and Sleep?


All the things that we love to talk about, but do we have actionable plans to address our unique needs? 

Hunger hormones impact how we desire food, our genetics determine our ability to achieve normal satiety, unmanaged stress predisposes us to weight gain secondary to it's impact on cortisol, and lack of sleep alters our glucose metabolism setting us up for insulin resistance and even type 2 diabetes.

Health optimization is not a one size fits all approach. It is a highly customizable approach that must be guided with precision, and the truth is- you are the expert of your own body. Which means, you must first get to know your body AND then rely on trusted experts to help guide you towards your most optimal health.

What is optimal health? Optimal health is honoring your authentic self at the highest level through nutrition, exercise, mindset work, and hunger hormone regulation so that you may see the greatness of your genetic potential and prevent chronic disease.

It's Time That We Introduce You to Transform®.

We are a supportive community of fierce women doctors who don’t waste time on random health recommendations, but instead go all-in on strategies rooted in science. Not only are these principles scientific; they have been proven in real life by hundreds of women physicians who have graduated from Transform®. 

To achieve optimal mental, emotional, and physical health that is sustainable, we have to create the system. In Transform®, we teach you the system.

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Achieving optimal health can look different for everyone, and therefore Transform® is the perfect solution because as you make progress and change, your goals will change too.

Transform® is designed to support your never-ending ability to evolve. Achieving optimal health can look like:

  •       Weight loss
  •       Fat loss
  •       Increased Muscle Definition
  •       Improved Strength
  •       Prevent Muscle loss due to Age
  •       Prevent Muscle loss due to Weight loss
  •       Core Strength
  •       End Emotional Eating
  •       Decrease Alcohol Use
  •       Body Acceptance
  •       Consistent Exercise Routine
  •       Improved Relationship with Food
  •       Preventing Diabetes
  •       Lowering Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
  •       Improved Confidence
  •       Improved Relationships
  •       Be A Role Model for The Next Generation


And so much more…the point is that optimal health encompasses thousands of possibilities for how we can live our most optimally authentic life starting now. Why would we even consider waiting?

Take the power back by embracing the expert that you are on your body with the guidance of experts.

We can throw confusion, overwhelm, disappointment, and frustration out the window.

Welcome to a new way to honor yourself…a new way to live…stop guessing, and take the massive action that you are ready for!

Transform® with Ali Novitsky, MD
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One more word on Optimal Health.


We know from a physical standpoint that while health comes in all shapes and sizes, we know that additional body fat and/or low muscle mass puts our health at risk. In fact, additional body fat located in our midsection increases our cardiovascular risk exponentially.

If we have additional body fat to lose (in the literature, a waist circumference of > than 32 inches in women increases CV risk), then to optimize our body composition, we will want to preserve our lean mass and prioritize the loss of body fat.

We know that as we lose body fat, our waist circumference will decrease which will put us at lower health risk overall.The optimization of body composition (aka maintain lean mass and lose body fat) is the new name of the “weight loss” game! 

Most traditional weight loss programs do not prioritize lean mass maintenance and as a result, the weight loss seen on the scale is not just fat loss. When we aren’t doing some key things to maintain our lean mass, up to 25% of our weight loss on the scale may not be just body fat. 

This is one of the biggest reasons why many struggle with keeping the weight off once they lose it. Because muscle lean mass is more metabolically active, our metabolism decreases when we lose lean mass. Bottom line- we want to preserve our lean mass first.

I want to share why I created Transform® for Women Physicians. 


As obesity rates continue to rise in our country, our patients and those that we love the most are at risk.

And we know that obesity predisposes us for other chronic illnesses. We simply cannot wait for obesity to happen and then try to treat and cure it. We must start preventing it.

I like to say that I am putting my efforts toward preventing pre-diabetes. We don’t want to even get to the “pre” stage. 


What you will get in Transform®:

More Muscle Definition with Realistic, Accessible, and Strategic Exercise Routines

Let’s be honest, it feels good to look strong. By staying consistent with the strategic routines that we write, your results will do the talking.

Lean Muscle Mass Maintenance and Fat Loss with our highly effective empowering nutrition strategy

Imagine having your cake and eating it too? In our program, there are no bad foods. We teach you. How to be strategic with your meals so that you can enjoy your most favorite things.

Better Relationship with Food by focusing on what you can eat

Most nutrition plans tell you what you can’t eat. We don’t do that in the Fit Collective. You focus on your all-the-time foods and then add your sometimes foods by getting snobby with your extras.

Empowerment and Confidence as you acquire cutting edge tools that will make you feel unstoppable

When we are confident, our mood is light and lifted. Who doesn’t want more of this? Committing to your health is something to be proud of, let’s go All-In on you.

Consistent and Deeper Results with hunger hormone regulation techniques 

The things that aren’t talked about often. Leptin. Ghrelin. Insulin. GLP-1. You will gain an understanding of how these hormones work AND you will gain strategies to regulate them.

Less Emotional Eating with techniques to lower food desire driven by false hunger

Imagine if you didn’t crave food because you were restless or bored? We will teach you how.

Less Isolation by surrounding yourself with a community who understands you

An empowering place to turn anywhere? Anytime? Sign me up. We all need more positive uplift in our lives…this is the place to get just that. We are a drama free zone.

No More Confusion with answers from our expert team will prevent you from relying on google as your health coach.

We answer your questions in our community discussion board. You don’t have to worry about whether the information you heard is true or not, you can ask!

Tools to Teach Your Family and Patients see one, teach one, do one. I teach you; you teach them. More impact towards optimal health for all.

No more stress over wondering if you are helping or hurting…enabling or being too strict when it comes to health measures. We know that it takes a village, we are here to support you.

We know that you are busy AND it’s sometimes easy to put our own needs on the backburner.

The Women Doctors in Transform® are no longer willing to put our needs last. We do not delay self-care because we know that our health depends on it.

If we want different results, we must do something different. Our simple and effective approach is why our programs get results. 

What people say...


Transform has helped me to create and then believe many new thoughts about myself and my life. It has helped me to shape my goals and give me tools that can help me achieve them in every aspect of my life. Lastly, Transform has helped me to find myself and my passions again. I have grown so much over the last 6 months and can only imagine where I will be in 5-10 years. 

-Dr. Sandeen


Before Transform, I was burned out with the commitments in my life. Transform was a way to set aside time that was just for myself. What I didn't expect was the true transformation that took place. I am stronger both in mind and body. My confidence has improved, and I'm more positive both at work and at home. Even my personal relationships have benefited. 

-Dr. Summerfield


I started working with Ali and through her program, I already felt myself getting stronger with just two workouts per week.  I have been shocked at how easy this has been and how It doesn’t feel like a diet or like I’m working out all the time. It’s like I’m finally doing what my body needed all along. I am enjoying the journey and realizing this is absolutely sustainable. Use the tools and commit on a daily basis. You will never regret it.

-Dr. Zeien


  • 6-months of personalized group coaching so that you can not only be coached, but learn all of the techniques that I use as a coach.  Yes, that’s right...I teach you the same way I would teach a coach.  My goal is for you to be self-sufficient and confident in using self-coaching now until forever!!  Don’t give her a fish, teach her how to fish.  Right?  The benefit is how much you will learn from others in this intimate group setting.
  • Powerful Core. A 6-month Core strengthening program to enhance our functional fitness. 
  • 6-months of Nutritional Accountability & Guidance with Obesity Medicine and Nutrition Experts.
  • Daily Accountability and Support with Expert Coaches because we know that this work is not easy.  We are asking you to face limiting beliefs that you may have had for decades.  Our program excels in the area of support and accountability because this is what drives success.  More content does not drive success...action and accountability does.
  • Transform® weekly lessons so that you can learn one key concept each week in a short amount of time.  This will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.  These video lessons will prompt thoughts and questions that will come up for you.

  • 6-months of programmed fitness training so that you can have an all-in-one program.  Your training sessions are strength-based to support the inevitable loss of lean mass that we experience as we age.  The programming is proven to help you gain strength and achieve your optimal body composition.  
  • Mindful Macros® Nutrition Program® so that you can learn a gentle nutrition strategy that does not eliminate foods.  There are no bad foods.  We combine Mindful Macros® with intuitive eating principles to help you achieve food freedom and results. We also support a calculated macros style approach to nutrition.
  • Community forum with written online coaching so that you can have access to the experts at your fingertips.  You have a place to turn for an entire 6-months when you need support, guidance, laughs, or just connection.
  • Earn up to 72 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ so that you can get credit for your tremendous effort in fighting against burnout.  Physician coaching has been shown to decrease burnout and is recognized as CME-eligible activity.  You can view the full CME syllabus HERE. This is a great reference to share with your programs for approval.
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How is Our Program Different?


We are the only Physician Only Coaching Program led by a Master Coach Team, Obesity Medicine Specialist, Nutrition and Exercise experts where we focus on whole person optimal health. We will give you all the tools to become the healthiest version of yourself.

Our exercise programming is created in a way that will allow you to progress at your own pace and become the strongest and fittest version of yourself. We are committed to your health. You take care of everyone else, let us take care of you!

By committing to your health, you are able to earn 72-CME credits. We provide the tools to “Cure” Physical, Mental, and Emotional Burnout AND you can pass these tools onto your patients. 

Your life will never look the same. Get ready for the most amazing 6-months so that you can enjoy all the benefits of optimal health.

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 Transform® is eligible for 72-CME Credits... so if you have funds to use, this is a great opportunity. You can view the full CME curriculum HERE.  Additionally, check with your insurance company.  If you are interested in weight loss, many insurance plans will reimburse.  Check with your plan, many members have taken advantage of this option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Investment for Transform®?

Transform®, our 6-month optimal health program, including 72-CME credits is $7,000. There are 2 payment options: pay in full or 6 payments of $1,200.


Our Early Bonus Program:

Tuition: $6,000. 5 monthly payments of $1,000 after deposit.

Receive our Fit In December Program.

Must Deposit by November 30th.

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